Car Wreckers

    With Canberra Car Removals, you get cash for the dismantling of your car or truck. Contact us today for a quote. We buy all makes and conditions of wrecked & damaged cars & trucks.

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    Car Wreckers

    Canberra Car Wreckers That Pay You Top Cash to Dismantle Your Cars

    With Canberra Car Removals, you don’t give your accident or damaged car away for free – or in return for just a free removal to get it off your property. We buy wrecked and damaged cars and trucks. We are the car and truck buyers that make upfront payments for vehicles that we dismantle. Why pay for wreckers or go to the hassles of dismantling the vehicle yourself when you have a free Canberra car wrecker that is ready to pay you for your car or truck today. Get cash for car wrecking with our free car wrecking services in Canberra.

    What Makes Canberra Car Removals the Car Wreckers of Choice in Canberra?

    • We pay you top cash to dismantle your car or truck
    • We are free wreckers Canberra
    • We pick up your car or truck in Canberra for free

    If your car is in wrecked condition, and you aren’t a DIY mechanic that can pull parts from its engine to resale, we are the perfect solution to get cash for your damaged car or truck.

    Reliable Car Wreckers Canberra

    Canberra Car Removals has years of experience in the wrecking industry, dismantling cars of every type, make and condition. We love our process of dismantling vehicles as we offer car & truck owners complete disposal of their cars. Yes. We pull parts that we can resale, paying you cash for the parts, but we also go a step further. We also recycle the scrap metals of the car that aren’t in good enough condition to recondition. So, you have complete disposal for your car. Parts won’t be pulled and then the car contaminating the environment by being tossed in a landfill. Your car disposal is eco-friendly and is how we pay you cash for your car.

    Our Buying Process

    Step 1: Provide Cash Quote

    With us, you can obtain a cash quote for your wrecked or damaged car or truck via telephone or our online "Get a Quote" form. We will ask that you provide us with the make, model, year, and condition of the vehicle to provide an accurate quote.

    Step 2: Wait for Seller to Accept or Reject Quote

    If the price we offer is one that you’d like to accept, then merely let our appraiser know that you’d like to sell the car or truck to us. If you are undecided or do not agree with the price that we offer, then take the time to consider the quote, or reject it.

    Step 3: Schedule A Free Removal Canberra

    When a quote is accepted by an accident or damaged car or truck owner, our appraiser will then ask the owner to schedule a free Car Removal in Canberra. Our removal technician will arrive at the time agreed upon between the seller and appraiser to provide professional, polite and courteous services which include the exchange of the cash for the car. Our removal technician will also provide all the paperwork for a legal sale of the car to us.

    Get A Quote

    To obtain a cash quote for your unwanted car or truck, please contact us at the number below. If you’d prefer an online quote, please fill out our "Get a Quote" form. With Canberra Car Removals, you have all the services you require for your wrecked or damaged car or truck and a cash payment for the vehicle.

    Contact us for a cash quote for your wrecked or damaged car or truck at 0400 993 591.