Canberra Car Removals has comprised a list of the most asked questions to help better serve car & truck sellers in Canberra.

    Q. Can I Sell Any Make & Condition of Car or Truck to Canberra Car Removals?

    A. Yes. Canberra Car Removals accepts and buys all makes and conditions of cars & trucks. We are in the auto buying business as more than resellers. We also wreck and recycle cars and trucks, so we can purchase cars and trucks that are severely damaged, scrap, accident, old, and used.

    Q. Do I Need to Provide the Sales Contract?

    A. No. Canberra Car Removals provides all necessary paperwork for a smooth transfer of ownership for the car or truck, as well as to protect the buyer (you) & seller (Canberra Car Removals.)

    Q. Do I Need the Title of Ownership for The Car?

    A. While we prefer that car and truck owners selling their vehicles to us have the title of ownership, we do not require it. In some circumstances, we can accept the vehicle’s registration or other documentation as proof of ownership. Please contact us for more information on this.

    Q. How Long Does the Process Take to Sell My Car?

    A. The process to sell your car or truck to us does not take long. We are car buyers that do not waste your time when you sell your car to us. We are car buyers that allow our customers to schedule a time for us to meet them at their locations to buy & remove their vehicles. The process to buy & remove the vehicle takes around an hour. During the removal process, a quick inspection of the vehicle will be completed, so please be sure, when obtaining a cash quote for the car or truck, to provide accurate details of the vehicle.

    Q. Can I Sell More Than One Car?

    A. Yes. Canberra Car Removals buys one or multiple cars from sellers. We will buy scrap car collections, just as cars & trucks in different conditions. With us, you can sell one car or many, and get a reasonable cash price for each vehicle you sell to us.

    Q. Will You Buy Commercial Vehicles?

    A. Yes. Canberra Car Removals buys commercial cars, truck, and vans. You may have a company fleet that you are upgrading. We will make you an offer for each car, truck, or van in your fleet. With Canberra Car Removals, you can sell one commercial vehicle, or an entire fleet and receive a fair price for each.

    Q. How Do I Get A Quote for My Car?

    A. Easily. Canberra Car Removals does not require that you schedule a time for us to appraise the car. We will valuate the car over the phone or online. All appraisals provided over the phone or online are provided with no obligation to accept.

    Q. Can I Have A Same Day Removal?

    A. Yes. We provide all sellers with the option to have their cars and trucks removed the same day (depending on availability) they accept our cash quote for their vehicles.