Sell Your Old Unwanted Car with Canberra Car Removals

    Do you have an unwanted car that you no longer use? Do you need a buyer who pays top cash for it?
    As one of the best Cash for Car dealers in Canberra, we at Canberra Car Removals offer you the best solution.

    We will buy your unwanted car for the best market value.

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    All you have to do is pick your phone and call us at 0400 993 591 and provide the basic details like the make, model, year, and condition of your car.

    To get it appraised, you don’t have to drive or tow the vehicle to our facility. Nor do you have to pay for appraising it. We have expert and experienced appraisers who can find the best value of any vehicle from the details you provide.

    It will only take minutes to get it appraised. Our quotes are free and non-compelling. We only intend to provide you with the best rates. You are free to choose or reject our offer.

    If you are satisfied with our offer, then just accept our offer and we will take care of the rest.
    From getting it removed from your garage/parking lot or wherever you have left it, to paying you the agreed amount, we do all these in a professional and hassle-free way.

    We understand the value of your time. We also understand you might have time constraints for car removal. Not to worry. Just schedule a date, time and location from where you want your car to be removed from, and we will process it accordingly.

    Our Scrap Car Removal service in Canberra is free. We don’t charge you anything to get your car removed. Nor do we add the towing charge as a hidden cost in our bills. Our process is true and transparent.

    Unwanted Car Removals

    Car Wrecking Services

    We have years of experience in the industry of Car Wrecking. Our crew are experienced and capable of finding the best possible value for your car.

    When we buy a vehicle, it’s just not with the intention to make a profit by selling it to other clients and dealers. As with every other business organisation, we also love to make a profit, but we are willing to share our profit with our clients. When we buy a vehicle, we salvage all the parts that can be reused /resold. We also find value in the scrap metals of the car that can’t be used or reconditioned. Our Car Wrecking process is eco-friendly, and we make sure that your car doesn’t end up creating more landfills or cause damage to nature and the environment.

    We consider the value of parts that can be salvaged and the value of metals when we offer you the quote. So you can be sure that the quote from us will be the best.

    To know more details about Our Cash for Car and Car Removals service, just call us at 0400 993 591